viewpoint mattersMarcuse Sheridan wrote a great article the other day about how our businesses evolve. As Marcus is working on  a new version of his inbound marketing book, he shared how some of his thoughts and opinions have changed over the course of time. More importantly, he asserted that he is able to offer better service because of this growth, and that we should strive to do the same in our efforts. Here’s a quote on the negative type of reactions this attitude can bring from others:

There have been times when I’ve seen people in this space attack or go after others because they contradicted themselves in some way or another–changing their thoughts on a subject over time.

[ by from The Sales Lion by Marcus Sheridan ] [ Read original: Why It’s Important Your Content, Your Blog, and Your Business Change Over Time ]

I shared these Marcus’s thoughts because I believe very strongly in their sentiments. And I encourage you to read the whole piece. Too often — way too often — in both sales and marketing, folks feel the need to talk in absolutes: “This is the worst,” “that is the worst,” “why this is a waste of time,” “why this is dead,” etc. The list of cliche’s seems to grow longer every day. Or, they want the world to know why they have all the answers. But the truth is, as Marcus points out, nothing is wrong with changing your stance or evolving with the times, in the say way there’s nothing wrong with saying “I don’t know” or “I’m not sure” to one of your prospects. In fact, having the fortitude to make such an admission usually goes much further in the long run than “having all the answers.”

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