is content curation stealing?As a content marketer that curates content constantly and markets a professional tool for content curation (The B2B ContentEngine), I am frequently asked, “is curation stealing?”  I wrote a blog post that answers this question and related questions, including copyright issues: “Common Content Curation Questions Answered.” It is a common concern, and it should be.

This is why when I came across the post “How to Curate Online Content Without Stealing” by Jeszlene on the First Communication Job blog, I wanted to curate it. It is worth reading if you are interested in content curation, as are some other post of hers. Here is one snippet that deals with crediting the source of shared content…

Credit the Source

Be honest and say, hey, found this great article by someone else and I’m merely sharing it. For example, a line such as “How to Find A Job Using a WordPress Blog originally appeared on WPBeginner“ will suffice.

For social media sharing, the correct etiquette will be to add Share (FaceBook) or RT (Twitter) @originalsource, or if you read the post through someone else, Share or RT @originalsource via @anothercurator. Should you modify the twitter copy, use MT (modified tweet) instead of RT (retweet).

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