I was amazed when I saw this infographic from VerticalResponse via Pilgrim Marketing. According to their research, small businesses love Twitter and Facebook, but do not spend time and effort on LinkedIn or Google+. I was very suprised at the amount of time they spend on social networking – I would not think most small businesses would have the resources for that much time. I was not so amazed at where they were spending it. I saw a tweet from Loren Baker that explains it, “Google+ is LinkedIn for Journalists, Bloggers, Marketers and Techies….” This is not where most small business customers are – mystery solved.

43% of small businesses in their survey spend at least six hours per week on social media! Their focus is on Facebook (90% are using it) and Twitter (70% are using it).

Here, is the full infographic.


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This is interesting. I would question the comment about the lack of usage on LinkedIn. That seems off. Then again, “small business” is a very broad term. If you’re talking about a sole proprietor in the retail space, I can understand the lack of usage of LinkedIn. But if you’re talking about a B to B company with 50 employees (still considered a small business), I think you’d find that LinkedIn becomes more relevant.

Dan Salva November 12, 2012

Thanks for the thoughtful comment Dan. I agree with you and had a similar thought process about LinkedIn — and I was surprised also. The overall usage is what I found most interesting.

Greg Bardwell November 12, 2012

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